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    2pcs. Garden Claw Gloves



    • Extremely lightweight and stretchable – one size fits all
    • The gardening tool that fits like a glove
    • No more worn out fingertips – formerly the most common complaint about gloves
    • High-quality protective coating prevents accidental cuts, scratches and pricks from thorns, sticks, broken nails and more
    • The breathable stretchy fabric on the backside of the hand, waterproof up to the knuckles
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    Ultrasonic Air Humidifier


    Air Humidifier This Ultrasonic Aroma Humidifier helps in increasing the humidity of the air. It reduces dust and bacteria. With 7 fantastic changing colors. This can be used as a night light. A healthy lifestyle gadget great for your home, office, and car. SAFE & HEALTHY The cool mist humidifier automatically shuts off when water…

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    Smart Music Flowerpot


    Plantita – Smart Music Flowerpot For all Plantita and music lovers, this is the perfect flowerpot for your indoor plants. You can now produce music with this flowerpot just by touching your plants stem or leaves. Get this now at very affordable price. Grow your plants in this quirky Music Playing Flower Pot with Colorful…

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    Automatic Fishing Bracket


    This popular fishing bracket is the perfect gift for all fishing lovers! Normally you have to stand and wait hours of time to fish only one fish. And when you fished one you have to repeat this long process over and over again. We have a SOLUTION for YOU! With this automatic fishing bracket are…

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    The #1 Magic Shoe Cleaner Wipes


    We all want to keep our shoes clean and tidy. We want our shoes, sneakers, or all time of footwear to last long for the money its worth. Introducing #1 Shoe Cleaning Kit  Whether you need to clean your favorite all-white shoes, tennis sneakers, basketball sneakers, fly knits, prime knit, running sneakers, golf shoes, leather work…